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Truong Yen festival

Truong Yen festival takes place every year on 10/3 on the Hoa Lu ancient capital of Dai Co Viet ancient to commemorate the merit of King Dinh and King Le.

From Hanoi along the National Highway 1A to the kilometers number 87 then turn right, go about 8 miles to until go to Truong Yen Hoa Lu district famous monuments. Festival usually lasts 3 days. The Society opened on 10/3. Opening ceremony is water processions, depart from the Dinh temple with flags, parasols, Ritual was conducted at night in the King Dinh temple and King Le temple with content praising the merits of two kings, then pilgrims burn incense to commemorate religious worship and gratitude, the sculpture and ancient architecture.

Festival has many games including arrayed game and exercises to re-express the rehearsal, practice your heroes Dinh Bo Linh adolescence.

Truong Yen festival

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