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Non Khe festival

Non Khe village of Yen Tu, Yen Mo District, Ninh Binh province. According to traditional tucle, each year on the 14th lunar month , the villagers is held the festival. Non Khe village named because in the Le Thanh Tong (1470-1497) some people from Non Nam Chau land (now Duy Tien district, Ha Nam province), move into lands Hong Duc dyke, established village, the village is named Non Khe to remember the old home Luc Non and Coi Khe. "Non" is young, "Khe" is the spring. Non Khe means the stream has just opened.

In this festival, the villagers response to the origin, the thanks of our ancestors in the sense: "Drinking water source memory." So whether you are going, where, arriving on 14 lunar months, the village festival, the descendants of the village are trying to attend.

The villagers not only offer incense in memory of the first gentle steps, reclaiming up hamlet, but also remember the burning incense, grateful to the village juniors of martyrs who died heroically in the war for their country.

Non Khe festival also features activities linked very unique culture matures, this is the demonstration of poetic repertoire by the people in the composing village.

These juniors away from home is not on, can also be sent a letter on the organization and arrangement of immersion or transfer possible into the folk songs to sing. This poetry nights are usually held on the night of January 13 called "cultural evening parties" to the next day, January 14 is the vibrant festival activities such as processions, dragon dance, lion dance, chess, martial arts supplies, the shrimp and fitness activities, sports.

Non Khe festival

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