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La temple festival

La Temple Festival is a festival held on 13th to January 15th lunar village of La Phu, Yen Thanh commune, Yen Mo district, Ninh Binh province, the temple is built during the period of the kings Tran hence festival is held in honor of the pharaohs built on village greens and Yen Thanh commune, Yen Mo District.

Annual festival is celebrated with the ritual procession around the church then incense, reading oration. festival is organized on a large scale have popular games as rated tourist drag text, chess and dance. Society can also offer custom Flung Vocabulary.

This kind of sticky glutinous rice really have to choose white and fragrant, the village contest away and have the same. Glutinous rice is washed in water wells particular village called Upper Ward Me wells, other villages to celebrate the village of Upper Ward Me wells from the previous day to get water for rice. People here believe Me wells throughout, pure, very supple and fragrant sticky rice cooked to represent fact sheet holy devotion of the people here.

La temple festival

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