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Dich Long Pagoda Festival

Dich Long Pagoda Festival Gia Thanh Commune, Gia Vien district, Ninh Binh. Dich Long Pagoda under the monument told about in 1739, up a mountain to cut wood woodcutter discovered this cave and found the same stone statue of Buddha altar should be set up which, in 1740, the formation of the temple.Dich Long Pagoda Festival

currently Dich Long Pagoda belong historic national culture, Dich Long Pagoda are relics of stone landscapes including family (there are 16 monolithic columns) Ly Quoc Su Temple, oxbow lakes, 5 three-storey tower and three times lower temple.From the lower temple Monsignor widow , continued to climb 105 stone steps again will add to the cave where the threads 6 letters on the door : Nham Son dynamic , self- Am Stock . Both sides of the engine and the two French mutual dome 8 meter high cave hanging bell weighs nearly a ton of the cast from the Nguyen Dynasty . The front yard has covered the church Ba Chua Thuong Ngan , Minister Notre Marian , two wells pearl round pick in droplets from continuous small stalactites and cool down his statue Good , Evil he rides on a lion . Standing in the courtyard , on the right is a temple with domed roof cave is about 20 meters high , depth of 30-40 m , and there are many objects are arranged from outside to inside , from low to high , especially 3 cheese Buddha statue The Three gilded been given to the king Thieu Tri and Guanyin Buddha , Amitabha statue carved monolithic green stone .

Nice and convenient transportation should play Temple fluid often many people visit. Legend has it that once on the way back to the city of Hue, Minh Mang decided to visit this place. When the boat is about to pass Kem Trong, the kings courtiers officer to hear poems read by female artist Kem Trong Xuan Huong. Deemed too vulgar, he began training local people to another river boat not creep over Zinc Free.

Along with ravishing beauty, The Temple fluid is also historic in war against France and a place for the treatment of victims of U.S. bombings and fierce war years

At the 6th annual March 7th Lunar and here again the bustling festival offering incense and Buddha according to Buddhist rites. Feedback also organize traditional games such as lion dance, dragon dance, chess, calligraphy contest grapes and other folk games.

Dich Long Pagoda Festival

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